Gulleys, manholes and drainage solutions

Ironworks are metal works that are present in our transportation systems, they come in many different shapes and sizes and provide many different functions and purposes.

These may include the following examples:

  • Gulleys (drains)
  • Manholes
  • Supports for bridges
  • Railways
  • Stop-tap covers
  • Inspection chamber covers

These are only a few examples but they are many more that all are present in our infrastructure that keep our day to day transportation and movement constant and help with drainage in most aspects of construction and engineering.

Ironwork After Care

Although extremely sturdy and hardwearing, in some cases your iron works can sink due to insufficient installation, heavy traffic and general wear & tear over a prolonged period of time.

Blackoak Surfacing can fix this problem, by excavating the areas, in-filling it with hard core, ensuring sufficient compaction and re-creating a solid base for the steelworks to be re-bedded and relayed upon.

The iron works should be then set sent on quick setting mortar to provide extra strength.

Iron work includes setting and raising manholes that have dropped or become unstable, as well as grates and tap covers. Getting a perfect level for surfacing and re-installation of ironworks is imperative, that’s why we use laser levels to create accurate heights and levels, which maintain the flow of the area for drainage reasons.