Slab & Paving

Create a hardwearing, usable area for outside your office

Paving or ‘Slab & Paving’ is the process of laying paving or flagstones to create a hardwearing, usable area such as patios, paths, smoking areas and entrance areas etc.

This solution is used by many sectors where they need an easily walkable area including; hotels, service stations, resident housing, colleges, schools, and pretty much any other sector that have office buildings, a warehouse, or any commercial property.

Paving gives a durable, usable external area suitable for anything but most importantly it is versatile and can be installed anywhere needed. This means that any shape can created and any size of area can be covered.

Different types of flagging are available upon request as well as different colours, sizes and finishes. We are happy to advise which solution would be best for your circumstances and needs, we also have examples of other work we have completed to give you a more visual idea to help you decide.

Laying the Flag or Paving Stone

Usually laid on mortar of ratio 3:1, a full bed of mortar is spread evenly at 40mm covering the full area where the slab will lay, leaving no possibility of movement, wear or water flowing underneath.

The slab is then placed on the mortar and tapped into place using a rubber hammer to lines set up prior to laying, a spirit level should be used to check the falls and the evenness of the slabs.

Jointing sand can then be brushed over the slabs to tighten them up and prevent any movement.

If required a sealant can be applied when the flags have been laid to help stains and signs of wear such as oil and also help repel the weather and the damage caused by the elements over time.

Different types of flags can sometimes need slightly different methods & techniques to help with the installation but most jobs will follow this exact pattern. For more details please don’t hesitate to get in contact and one of our knowledged staff will be happy to help and advise.