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Here at Blackoak we like to keep up with the news and happenings in the Civil and Groundwork Industry. Anything we feel is interesting or of use we will be sharing here on our very own news page. Remember knowledge is power, have a read through to see whats happening at the minute.

Road Planing

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Road planing, also known as cold planing, asphalt milling, or profiling, is the process of removing some of the surface on a road, allowing a new surface to be directly…

Bitumen Sealing Strips

Why Do You Need to Use Bitumen to Seal Freshly Laid Tarmac Areas?

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Bitumen tape is used to seal new tarmac edges into old existing tarmac. Rolled out in strips, it is heated by a blow torch causing it to melt and seal…

Tarmac Car Park

The Benefits of Well Structured Tarmac Car Parking Areas

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As businesses grow and branch out and set up new spaces of work normally parking space becomes a problem, this can be due to the more congested roads and as…

Pothole Damage

Are You ‘Tyred’ of Potholes Damaging Your Car?

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How to drive over a pothole correctly When we hear the word pothole the modern driver trembles at the thought due to the associated damages and high repair costs they…

How are Potholes formed?

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Potholes Potholes, as I am sure we are all aware, are holes in the roadway that vary in size and shape and . They are caused by the expansion and…


How to Increase Car Park Efficiency & Save Space

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As space becomes more and more a precious commodity we must ask ourselves how we can utilise the effectiveness and space we must work with. This applies to the construction…

Grounds Maintenance at Premier Inn

Grounds Maintenance Contracts Now Avaialble

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As we are expanding we are adding more skills and services to our portfolio and skillset in order to facilitate all aspects of Civil Engineering to our customers to a…


All About Asphalt a mixture of aggregates and filler

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What is asphalt? Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, binder and filler. Aggregates used in mixtures can be crushed rock, sand, gravel or slags. In order to bind the aggregates…


What is a HSG47 in the Health and Safety

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The HSG47 (Avoiding danger from underground services) The HSG47 refers to Article 47 of the Health and Safety Guidance Act. It outlines the dangers, which can arise from working near…

A british-standard-kerb-blackoak-surfacing

A Kerb Kerbstones and haunching

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What is the point of a Kerb You may think a kerb as part of surfacing a car park or road surface is boring, well think again! They are an…