Why Do You Need to Use Bitumen to Seal Freshly Laid Tarmac Areas?

Bitumen Sealing Strips

Bitumen tape is used to seal new tarmac edges into old existing tarmac. Rolled out in strips, it is heated by a blow torch causing it to melt and seal over the joints.

This technique is perfect for using on pothole repair, where the new tarmac meets the old tarmac.

Painting the joints with a brush or spray can leave an uneven finish and may not always seal the joints sufficiently.

With bitumen tape joints are sealed much more neatly and with greater accuracy, giving a longer lasting and higher durability finish.

Why We Use a Compactor (or Whacker) Plate

Compactor plates are mainly used for the compaction of surfaces such as hard core, on areas not accessible by larger machines.

Blackoak Surfacing also use compactor plates for compacting asphalt to go over the surface initially.

This is done post roller and to compact areas close to walls and around man holes creating a neat and tidy finish.

When using a compactor plate on asphalt surfaces, water must be applied to the plate to prevent it sticking to it.