Site Safety

Site Safety

Site safety is our number one priority as our employees need to feel safe in the workplace and focus on the job at hand rather than they’re safety. We have many steps in place to protect our employees such as the following. All of our employees are provided with PPE and the equipment is replaced when needed.

We provide correct training to all of our employees when needed to ensure they know how to complete a certain job correctly and safely. We have all COSHH assessments and are able to provide these when needed.

We also have two first aiders who are on site at all time to ensure if any injuries were to happen that they can be dealt with correctly.

All of the above are in place to protect our employees and the general public as Blackoak Surfacing cares about its employees and their safety.

How Important Is PPE or Personal Protection Equipment?

PPE is a major part of everyday safety on all our sites and we take this very seriously for our employees. Here are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves on a daily basis to ensure everyone is as safe as possible:

Does my PPE offer the right level of protection?

What sort of training is required for workers on this site?

How do I know when my PPE needs replacing needs replacing?

It is important that employees know why they need PPE and are trained to use it correctly. Otherwise it is unlikely to protect as required so we also need to check the following:

Does it fit correctly? How does the wearer feel? Is it comfortable? Does PPE interfere with the job being done?

Does PPE introduce another health risk, eg overheating, entanglement with machinery?

Only when all these questions have been answered and we are happy with the answers will we allow work to begin.