Line Markings

Make sure your markings are clear and look good

Line markings are essential to our infrastructure and a daily job for people in the construction business. We see them daily in our schools, car parks and roads. However the industry is moving away from using wet paint for these markings and instead moving to using a thermoplastic based paint.

What are Thermoplastic markings?

In simple terms thermoplastic is a molten polymer which can be coloured and used just like normal paint. When thermoplastic markings are laid it is extremely fast setting and is much stronger and harder wearing than paint due to its chemical structure.

Lead time

Thermo-markings are applied in a similar way to a normal external paint but they have different properties and can be laid and set extremely quickly. This means the markings can be driven on within minutes, meaning the whole process is quicker and more efficient by reducing downtime for the area that is being marked.

Uses of Thermo Markings:

Thermoplastic markings are highly versatile in their uses, and are very important for safety markings & signals on our roads, car parks, playgrounds, schools and numerous other places. They are used to establish parking bays and car park directional arrows, road markings such as yellow lines & zebra crossings, safety walkways and walking men in large car parks & commercial yards, playground markings & tennis courts and a plethora of other visual & safety uses.

Long Lasting Line Markings

Thermoplastic is a far superior product to wet paint and out performs it every time, from speed and ease of use, to durability. It is also brighter and more noticeable and keeps these qualities for a far longer length of time.

What Colours are available?

Thermoplastic paint is available in all the colours you would expect and see from parking line yellow, car park bay white and bus route red. It is also commonly used in green, pink and blue but it can be created in pretty much any bespoke colour that may be required.