Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Blackoak Surfacing Ltd is committed to ensuring the Health & Safety of all its employees and visitors so far as reasonably practicable, and that statutory duties are met at all times. Some of our procedures are detailed below;

· All employees will be given information, instruction and training to enable the safe and efficient performance of work activities.

· Management will ensure that all processes of production be designed, constructed, operated and maintained, taking into consideration Health and Safety issues.

· Competent persons will be appointed to assess risk, advise, improve and maintain standards of Health, Safety and Environment.

· Management will provide and maintain a safe working environment with appropriate facilities and welfare arrangements.

· Provision will be made to ensure safe systems of work exist in the control of hazardous substances.

· Systems for planning, organising, controlling and reviewing Health and Safety arrangements will be provided.

· Facilities and arrangements will be maintained to enable employees and their representatives to raise Health and Safety issues.

· PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is provided to all employees working onsite or anywhere else to ensure safety

· It shall be the duty of every employee to co-operate with management to ensure the success of the policy, which requires total commitment from all levels of employee.

· Every individual has a legal obligation to take reasonable care of his or her own Health and Safety and for the Health and Safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Full details of the organisation and arrangements for Health and Safety can be sent to you in separate documents upon request.