The Benefits of Well Structured Tarmac Car Parking Areas

Tarmac Car Park

As businesses grow and branch out and set up new spaces of work normally parking space becomes a problem, this can be due to the more congested roads and as a side effect of this more & more people snap up public parking spaces.

This can cause stress to  drivers due to the waste of time looking for a place to park, making them an angry worker and have a bad start to the work day. Studies show that workers are 56% less productive if they have a stressful start to the work day. However, to solve this car parking outside the workspace can be created for the person to park easily and without stress and anger causing them to have an easy way into the work day and for them to get straight to work.

What to consider when building or adding to car parks

Design of a car park what does it involve?

Well with work with the planning and design team the car park will be designed to match the customers needs or wants with his or her idea of how it will be used and how the planned car park will be used in accordance to the needs of the customer

From here the planned and agreed on idea of the design of the car park will be acted on with the design team considering the key aspects of what makes a car park easy to use and accessible with the following being carefully thought upon and with the design being based around

  1. 1 Access driveway
  2. 2 Accessible entrance
  3. 3.Size of parking space
  4. Types of vehicles using the car park (if heavy vehicles will use the space provided for services such as delivery’s
  5. Number of car parking spaces needed
  6. Design of the car parking space

In the designing faze much care is taken by the team to make sure that using the car park is stress free and issues do not occur making sure that the design is practical and is satisfactory to use and meets all guidelines and standards needed from such building work and professional team designing such a project

Right what happens after the designs are finished?

After the design of the car park is finished and have be authorised by the authority’s work begins using a professional team to start building the agreed on car park design carefully building it around the design using expert building skills and care to make sure the product matches the exact design agreed on making a very satisfied customer.

Materials such as tarmac will be laid by our crack team creating the base and space and strong structure where the rest of the design can fall into place with a smooth and professional finish making sure that when entering a smooth and easy drive to park can be achieved. From here the defined parking areas will be defined adding areas of disabled parking or heavy vehicle parking can be added depending on the needs of the customer. With the end product showing a very professional car park and project done by both the design team and the building team creating a very happy customer knowing that they have a professional job done and that working from now on is less hassle and a more easy and enjoyable place for the customer and anyone using the space provided to use