Are You ‘Tyred’ of Potholes Damaging Your Car?

Pothole Damage

How to drive over a pothole correctly

When we hear the word pothole the modern driver trembles at the thought due to the associated damages and high repair costs they can bring. However, what if they were a way to drive over these little pains without worry about damage to the vehicle. Here is how to tackle a pothole without your car becoming a wreck

1) Check your car before tackling the road

Now many of us always forget to check our car before tackling the road however, the occasional check on your tires and the air pressure inside the tires may save a later repair. Most of the reason why potholes can cause such damages are that they can shred through the wheels of the vehicle due to aged tires or low pressured tires. So, check your tires giving up a little time will lead to not giving up money!

2)  Check if you can avoid the pothole

Right you have checked your vehicle and it’s on a road and you see a pothole now what do you do? Well obviously the first step is to see if you can avoid the pothole because you can’t damage the car because of a pothole if you don’t drive over it. However, only take this when it is possible and it is acceptable in the eyes of the law to do this.

3)  Slow down

Right there’s no way round the pothole so now what do you do. Well the obvious thought is to slow down. The higher speed a vehicle traverses a pothole only increases the chance and likely hood of damage and frustration to the driver. 60% of the time damages from potholes are due to a vehicles speed being too high to traverse a pothole. So basically, when you see a pothole slow down there’s no point rushing somewhere to damage your vehicle.

4) A firm hold of the wheel

Obviously always on the road a firm hold is necessary but even more so when traversing a pothole. Potholes can make the vehicle shake in all directions due to the sudden change in the smoothness of the road. This can lead the driver if not paying attention to let go of the vehicles wheel leading to untold consequences.

5) The water filled pothole

The all too common silent killer the water filled pothole. This pothole is often never seen by the ordinary driver due to its look as a small puddle however, they can be immensely deep. To tackle this always drive over these with caution and treat them as an ordinary pothole because much like the ocean you never know what lies underneath.