Car Park Extension for Wyre Forest District Council

Machine Laid Tarmac

The contract was to extend Bewdley town centre car park by 23 car parking bays.

Method statements and risk assessments were provided to the client before works commenced.

Our first task was to create a safe site and to develop a plan so we could work safely without affecting or interfering with the general public. This required careful planning due to the high usage of the car park.

Excavation was the first job undertaken, using an 8-tonne digger. The site was excavated to a depth of 400mm and all spoil was removed from site almost immediately by grab vehicles to ensure space to work was always available on site. Trees were also excavated and removed promptly from the site.

Once the appropriate area was excavated and all spoil was removed from site we then laid a sub-base providing a clean solid surface to work from.

The next task was to lay half batter kerbs to form the shape of the car park. The kerbs were laid on 150mm beds of concrete and haunched at either side to create a solid structure. All kerbs were swilled with water and cleaned after installation.

Armco barriers were installed at one end of the carpark due to an embankment to prevent the public from going down the embankment.

Once all kerbing and barriers were installed and concrete was set, we then laid a second layer of MOT to create a more level surface. This was then compacted with a 120 sit on roller.

Heavy duty Aco drains were then placed in appropriate areas within the car park to deal with any surface water.

Next came the laying of asphalt. Firstly using a base course (AC32 dense) at an 80mm depth, and then a binder course (AC20 dense) at a 60mm depth and lastly applying a 40mm surface course (SMA AC10 dense). All layers were compacted individually.

The site was cleaned extensively and all site safety was removed to allow for the opening of the car park extension.

When work had finished on site we received positive feedback from residents of the town on how happy they were with the manner in which the work was carried out.

As a result of the work successfully undertaken on this project, we have been offered a larger contract from the same client.