Surfacing at Tameside Hospital

Blackoak Surfacing were contracted to do three separate projects for Tameside Hospital, which has led to other work at a number of hospitals around the UK.

The first project was to repair sunken gullies, which were placed in a bus stop within the hospital grounds.

This proved to be challenging due to the location of the site and the busyness of the hospital.

Regular communication with the client was required during the works to minimise interference to the hospital’s patients and staff.

Once arriving on site and meeting with the client to go through all safety procedures we sectioned the site off from the public with barriers and put up clear signs notifying the bus stop will be temporarily out of use and that an alternative bus stop had been arranged.

It was our duty to ensure all Blackoak Surfacing staff were polite and understanding towards the public and to provide a safe and friendly environment and service.

These works took one day to complete and included replacing four kerbs and two gullies, which were laid on a quick setting concrete mix so the bus stop could be in use soon after works had finished.

The second part of the works included grading of an existing surface on a deterring path.

Once the surface was graded and all waste was removed from site it was then our job to apply tack coat emulsion and AC6 surface asphalt layer. This was compacted with a vibe roller.

The third project was to resurface a flagged path.

We firstly removed all the flags from the site. This was done manually and flags were placed straight onto the back of a lorry.

We then chopped the grass at either side of the path to create a neat edge.

Edges were then formed with the use of wooden battens to retain the infill of the paths.

The paths were then levelled with stone and compacted with a compactor plate.

AC10 Asphalt surface course was then laid neatly to the paths and compacted with a vibe roller.

Each project created its own challenges, which were easily managed with good communication between Blackoak Surfacing and the client along with extensive planning.

Health and safety were our main priority during these works.