Trinity College

We have found that when constructing new buildings to any commercial property, the requirement of disabled access is an extremely important element to be considered, especially on our modular school projects. Complications can arise due to the difficult positions of the builds and the nature of the area, and sometimes a certain level of ingenuity is required to achieve the high-quality disabled access we pride ourselves with.

When designing the ramp, we must ensure that the falls are within 1:12 and that the widths are maintained. To achieve this, we took the heights of our new building entrance and transferred it to the existing school building and came to conclusion that the most suitable solution was to design a 4-level ramp. Once this was decided and confirmed, we began with; installing timber shuttering form work, drilling H16 rebar uprights into the existing foundation, tying A393 steel mesh to each bar, and carefully pouring concrete into the shuttering to form the new concrete wall. The concrete was left to set for a few days before our operatives stripped the timber shuttering, ready to raise levels of the new path with well compacted MOT and finished off with an asphalt surface. Finally, the concrete wall was painted grey to give it an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Value: £18,000
Duration: 2 weeks