Case Studies for EV Infrastructure

Beacon 62

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We began this project with excavating a 50m trench to connect ducting up to a substation, which provides the electric power needed to charge a car. Once the trench works were complete, our engineer marked out the area for the new kerbed island, and excavation bagan. The island was excavated, ducting’s installed, and the kerbs were laid, before excavating further for the charger cabinets and solar bases. These bases were shuttered ready for a concrete finish, with ducting’s popping up through to provide cover and protection for the electric cables.

After all the bases were installed and ducting’s connected, we backfilled all the surrounding areas to a finished level. Once the shelter was erected and installed on to the bolt boxes we concreted, we were able to finish off installing the charger bases and bollards provided to protect them from being hit by any vehicles. A short drain connection for the surface water was installed and we then finished off by stoning up all areas to a level and tidying up the site.

Value: £24,000
Duration: 3 Weeks


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Blackoak were approached to install several EV Chargers at a reputable, luxury car manufacturer in London.

Due to image and high profile nature of the client, it was more important than ever that we kept the site immaculate as we always aim to do on all sites.

We began with excavating a large area, big enough to accommodate the Isolation Transformer, Power Box, and Cooling Box, and then connected the network using a variety of ducts. All excavation works were preceded by scanning the area with a cable avoidance tool, and a banksman was present who was certified to use said CAT Scanner.

Once all the cables and infrastructure were in place and signed off, Blackoak were able to complete the project by reinstating the stone in layers and properly compacting, before finishing with a 2 layer surface to the car park.

Location: London
Value: £28,068

Euro Garages

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Like all projects at Blackoak, we begin by making the work area safe for workers and members of the public. A thorough CAT Scan examination is completed to identify any services in areas of excavation.

Once we finished excavating, we were ready to pour the concrete bolt box sections, installed for a large canopy over hanging the charger bays. This was then followed by the installation of all charger bases and the ducting which connects them to the substation, and includes a layer of sand and electric tape used to identify the hazards; installation of timber shuttering to pour the concrete into for the base to sit on.

A short drain connection for surfacing water was connected on to the canopy and we were then ready for reinstatement.

Finally, a short trench had to be excavated across the road entrance to make way for and to connect a light on a traffic island, with a SMA Bitumen finish. We had traffic management in place to protect our workers from traffic, and the works took place at night due to the lower volumes of traffic.